Not a podcast about classical music..


It's a show about Hip Hop, cohosted by Jana Avery and Allan Fuller. Topics range from the generation gap in Hip Hop, radio's relationship with Hip Hop; then v. now to whether Hip Hop needs official sub-genres. 




In 20 Years Will Hip Hop Exist In Its Original Form? 

On this episode of Conversate For A Few we discuss the appropriation of Hip Hop and whether it will even be recognizable in its original form in 20 years. Race can be a sensitive topic. History however, is what it is. And if history serves as a teacher, Hip Hop is headed for certain theft. BE CLEAR...this conversation is more about capitalism than race. But you be the judge. Make room for the tag...

Ye For A Few

Alright Few Tang Clan! We don't generally do hot takes. And this isn't really a hot take. It's more an excited conversation about a brand new album we LOVE! We get into our favorite songs off the new Ye album. We give our opinions on where this record ranks among his others. And of course we get into the sub dissees layered throughout. There's so much more on this one. We recorded the day of the release of the album so I'm sure there will be more to talk about as Yeezy and his Surgical Summer Takeover march on. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher and everywhere else you get your podcasts. Make room for the tag...

Daytona And The Smoke

We usually wait to let the smoke CLEAR before we dive in on a topic. But this one is moving way too fast to wait! On this episode of Conversate For A Few we chop it up about DAYTONA; the long-awaited LP from #PushaT (formerly titled #KingPush). Then there's the smoke. Push finally returned fire at Drake on Infared. And immediately!!! #Drake responds with #DuppyFreestyle. You KNOW we are here for every bit of what's about to pop off....It wouldn't be us if we didn't keep it 100 about sucka shit concerning the battle though. So the convo may seem to get a little greasy but remember, we're fans of the culture and reserve the rights to our opinions. And y'all deserve to hear them. So let's go! Make room for the tag...

This Is America Episode

We give Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino's "This Is America" song and video the conversation it deserves. We juxtapose Glover's high art against Kanye's antics and "woke" Hip Hop from earlier eras. We also get into the public's response to the song/video or lack thereof. There's so much more in this episode; too much for a simple description. Get into and let us know what you think! Make room for the tag...

ATCQ Reverse Review Volume One

On this episode we FINALLY got to do our first "Reverse Review"; where we choose an album from the past, a give it the review we feel it deserves. We decided to start with A Tribe Called Quest's last album, "We Got It From Here...Thank You For Your Service". We didn't say it had to be from the distant past, On this episode you'll hear why it took so long for us to get it recorded or "who" we believe was prevent it. We get into why the album sounds so sonically relevant. We also give Jarobi the kudos he deserves. That's only a glimpse of everything we discussed. The album is so dense there's no way we can give it its just due in one sitting. So we decided to review the album 4 songs at a time. We tackled the first four songs this time and we'll pick up from there shortly! Don't forget to subscribe, rate, comment and share the show! Enjoy the episode! Make room for the tag...

We Needed This One

We got a lot off our chests this episode. We talked about BIG and the anniversary of his assassination. We talked Craig Mack and his untimely passing. Karmic energy, mortality and speaking things into existence; yeah all that on a Hip Hop Podcast. We tried to give musical context to the Craig Mack/Biggie Smalls era; proving the greatness of ANY song or artists that made an impact during that time. We also ran down our Top 10 FunkMaster Flex Freestyles so far! Man it's a lot!!! Just give it a listen. If you have to stop and come back a couple times to finish...I promise we'll be here lol. Enjoy the show! And make room the the tag...

A Bump For The Artists

Conversate For A Few IS NOT a show about Classical Music. It's a show about Hip Hop hosted by Jana Avery and Allan Fuller for No Fridays For Me. This week we discuss the US Government's mandate for streaming services to pay more of streaming revenue to music publishers. But that wasn't the only big win for artists. We also get into it about Spotify and the addition of songwriter and producer credits for music on the platform. After listening back to this convo, I'm thinking Allan and I are a tad bit distrustful of the music industry and its players. Enjoy the show and don't forget to rate, comment, subscribe and share!!!

The Grammys: After The Smoke And Mirrors

Conversate For A Few IS NOT a show about Classical Music. It's a show about Hip Hop hosted by Jana Avery and Allan Fuller for No Fridays For Me. This week we're talking about the Grammy's and how they either met or, completely failed to meet our expectations. We gave it a week to let it all settle in. We tried to keep emotions and favoritism out of the discussion. Let us know how we did in the comments and on social media. Make room for the tag...

PL PL PL PL PLEASE Listen To This Podcast

Conversate For A Few got a gift in the form of a new intro song for the show! Frequent guest and Family of the show, Hustle From Raleigh drop a gem on us. The hook for the intro inspired us to do an episode giving you all the rundown on why we do the show, why we're qualified to do the show, what makes our show different and what to expect from episodes of Conversate For A Few. Be sure to subscribe, rate, follow, like and share the show. ENJOY!!!

Late To Last Year - An Ode to 2017

Conversate For A Few IS NOT a show about Classical Music. It's a show about Hip Hop hosted by Jana Avery and Allan Fuller for No Fridays For Me. This week we're fashionably late to the party. While everyone else got their year in review episodes in time enough to party for New Year's, we decided to wait until 2017 was actually OVER before we gave our take. Well it's over; and here's how we felt about it all! ENJOY!

A Line in the Sand on Ghostwriting in Hip Hop

We invited in a few guests for this week's episode of Conversate For A Few. Take a bunch of Hip Hop Heads, give'em a mic and tell them to discuss ghostwriting and you get one helluvah episode. We have rants, strong disagreements, podcast rights being revoked; all in good fun lol. Leave messages, rate the show and subscribe. Let us know what you think of the episode.


Should Hip Hop Have Sub-genres Episode

ConversateForAFew is a podcast from No Fridays For Me. This is NOT a podcast about Classical Music. It's a show about Hip Hop; cohosted by Jana Avery and Allan Fuller. This week on Conversate we'll discuss whether Hip Hop needs sub-genres. If so, what are they!?! Follow the show at ConversateForAFew on Instgram!


The Last Days of SoundCloud Episode

On the latest episode of ConversateForAFew, the newest podcast from NoFridaysForMe, we discuss the financial woes of SoundCloud, the happenings around the cash injection the made to the company by outside investors and how it may affect independent artists. I don't think we left any stone uncovered. Hell...we may have created "a few" new stones lol. Enjoy!


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